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HKPG is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the following brands in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific:

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The founder, Achille Gaggia, applied for a patent (patent number 365726) for the first modern steamless coffee machine on September 5, 1938, to be used commercially in his coffee bar. The machine forced water to flow over the coffee grounds at a high pressure, producing the 'crema' that is unique to espresso. The Gaggia company was founded in 1947 and continues to produce leading espresso machines for the home including the popular Accademia and Gaggia Classic Models. Gaggia professional machines and commercial equipment are a special blend of modern technology along with Gaggia’s prestige and history in the coffee world. With Mr. Achille Gaggia’s invention and patent, Gaggia’s history forever intertwined with the history of Italian Espresso. Visit Gaggia Here


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I Love Coffee Beans HK

HKPG recently help launched our partnered online shop I Love Coffee Beans HK for easy and secure purchase of premium Italian branded coffee beans and coffee machines. Create a Free Account and Join ILCB Rewards points to earn on every HKD spent, redeem coupon with points and save more! 

ILCB is proud to carry over 200+ premium coffee items from brands such as:


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Founded in 2007, Slayer is the recipient of “Best New Product” awards from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (Slayer Espresso Single Group) and World of Coffee (Slayer Steam). Slayer were some of the first machines to offer controllable pressure during extraction, but they’re as noteworthy for their striking bodywork as their technical power. Hand-built in Seattle WA, USA, Slayer machines are known worldwide for their stunning signature style, excellent build quality, and of course, their unique and rewarding approach to espresso brewing. Visit Slayer Here

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Think strong, work better is more than a philosophy, it’s the energy that lights up every single piece, created to achieve maximum performance with no compromise and to ease the daily workload of barmen and baristas. Over 50 years of Italian ingenuity, design and well organized production make Ceado today a point of reference in the Coffee Grinder, Bar Equipment and Juicers sector. In 1952 Egidio Girardi, founder of Ceado, was learning in Venice the art of making coffee grinders. Today, proud of their Italian craftsmanship, they continue designing and making themselves all their products in Italy, exporting them to all countries. Ceado is the Venetian nickname of the Girardi family. Visit Caedo Here

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Izzo/My Way

The first Izzo Caffe was founded in 1979 by Vincenzo Izzo in Naples. The company represents the real Neapolitan Espresso through its coffee machines and its very own Izzo Coffee Shop Franchises. In 1995, this well-respected member of the Italian coffee community branched out into manufacturing espresso machines. Their coffee machines, under the name Alex Duetto are characterised by their dual boilers E61 group machines with PID and their Lever machines. These are regarded as some of the best dual boiler machines on the market today. Visit Izzo Here

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Caffitaly System SPA, was founded in 2004 in Gaggio Montano near Bologna Italy, by a group of shareholders passionate about coffee. Caffitaly pays homage to the time-honoured tradition of making Barista quality coffee from the coffee to the capsule - to the innovative technology of the machines. These capsules, produced in Italy, contains 8 grams of excellent Arabica coffee and is hermetically sealed to preserve its freshness for a long period of time.Visit Caffitaly Here

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Caffee Cagalari was founded in 1909, after founder Ambrogio Cagliari returned to Italy to open the first shop for coffee roasting and tasting in Modena. He gained his experiece working in the coffee plantations of Brazil in 1895. Today, through 4th generation family leadership and innovative technologies, the Caffitaly brand has an annual consumption of hundreds of million cups across 40 countries worldwide. Visit Cagliari Here

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Caffè del Caravaggio, part of the Tenacta Group is an Italian company that was founded with the explicit purpose to destroy the hated dogma of "practicality at the expense of quality". Caravaggio distribute only pure Arabica coffee in environmentally friendly pods, to respect quality, the environment and to dispense a healthy coffee not contaminated by plastic or aluminium. Their Caffe Del Carte, allows customers to customize their own aromas and blends of coffee that is used with Caravaggio's own signature lineup of coffee machines. Visit Caravaggio Here

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J. Ascaso was born in a small village in the Huesca mountains. He was always a man with a great entrepreneurial spirit, and moving to the big city was his only opportunity to better himself. He left his village and moved to Barcelona with 3,000 pesetas in his pocket and a mind full of ideas. In the 1950s, espresso was becoming popular in Spain and all over Europe. In Barcelona, in particular, its popularity saw the growth of a thriving coffee-based industry.

In 1950, J. Ascaso started working for a company supplying chrome-plated espresso machine parts. From 1952 to 1962 J. Ascaso worked on the Gaggia production line, making parts for the world-renowned coffee machine company. In 1962, Jesús Ascaso started his own business, producing and distributing spare parts for espresso coffee machines. Currently, Ascaso sells its products in over 95 countries with growth continuing, creating new business divisions such as the manufacture of espresso machines. Visit Ascaso Here

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In 1908, the researcher Dr. W. Schaufelberger specialises in physical specialties. He himself suffers from rheumatism and develops an electric pillow that alleviates his pain - the heating pad is born. He founded the Solis company in Zurich for production and sales.

In 1958, in addition to heating pads and hairdryers, Solis now also produces quartz lamps, electric blankets, electric plate warmers, footmuffs, heated carpets and an electric coffee grinder. Particularly popular: Type 223 heating pad - the heating pad with a patented drum switch.

You can get coffee everywhere, but good coffee ...? That is rather more difficult. We take inspiration from the best baristas and continue to specialize in COFFEE. Many people like to cook at home or invite guests to a spontaneous barbecue more than ever. And that's why we - like you - spend a lot of time in the KITCHEN to guarantee you the best possible cooking or dining experience. VACUUMING is also important to us, because those who vacuum seal waste less food. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our products have an exceptionally long lifespan; this is how we also make our contribution to the environment. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to many more innovative, high-end products. Visit Solis Here

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BARATZA™ (bah-rah-tsa) suggests (from Arabic and Swahili) a place where locals gather to drink coffee.

Since its inception in 1999, Baratza has offered high-quality, state-of-the-art grinders for those who care about making the best coffees. Created by the dynamic team of Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy, Baratza quickly became known as the company to turn to for innovation, quality, and consistency.

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G.E.W. Corporation Ltd. was established by Dr. Yip Kit Chuen. He started his business in Hong Kong for producing OEM and ODM products of numerous would-famous brands in USA, European countries, Australia, and Japan etc. WELHOME brand established in 1994 - We applied our rich experience in manufacturing overseas home appliances and dedicated our efforts to design, manufacture, and sell our own Welhome brand products in China. Our distribution channels were widely developed in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Guangdong with after sales service support.

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E&B by IMS

This idea was born a few years ago at IMS when, following our aim to make stainless steel filter for brewing methods different from espresso, we combined our experience in coffee filtration and our constant research for materials and new applications. So we started with the first project, designing the Fine and the Superfine filter disk for Aeropress and for other manual brewing methods. 

Through the last 70 years know- how, experience and innovation have been the foundations of the increasing success of IMS. Our Main mission is still to innovate thanks to our experience and technical expertise of the filtration systems for coffee machines, such as the patented perforation system for conical filters.

New projects, more ideas from the past towards the future, IMS wants to be always on the side of those who love coffee.

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